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About the Center for Urban Renewal and Education


Address issues of race and poverty through principles of traditional values, limited government and free markets.


Build awareness that a conservative agenda of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility is of the greatest marginal benefit to low-income Americans.


Work in the media, in poor communities, and on Capitol Hill to promote social policy that protects unborn life; and market-based public policy that transitions poor Americans from government dependency to economic independence.


1. Media: Provide daily CURE America internet discussions and a weekly Inside the Beltway television news talk show that specifically targets the black community.

2. Outreach: Educate our private CUREnet Clergy Council on current laws and policy initiatives and how they affect their congregations and communities.

3. Policy: Publish quality research studies and white papers on key topics that impact poverty, such as personal retirement and medical savings accounts, housing and school choice vouchers, family, crime and welfare reform.


Expand CURE President’s Circle of major donors to help us increase our current revenues of $1 million to $2 million so we can:

A) Purchase cable TV time for our CURE Inside the Beltway news talk show;
B) Launch a monthly webinar to brief our CUREnet Clergy Council on pressing public policy debates;
C) Hire a Director of Policy Research and Analysis to work with our conservative friends on Capitol Hill.

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Agenda Issues

  • Pro-Life
  • Traditional Family
  • Capitalism
  • Ownership Rights
  • School Choice
  • Personal Retirement Accounts
  • Market-based Healthcare
  • Charity Choice