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Scripture tells us that a good man leaves an 

inheritance to his children's children

(Proverbs 13:22a) 

       We have a plan. CURE’s National Clergy Network seeks to educate our pastors to understand the damage of current policy related to poverty, family, and religious freedom issues. If clergy are concerned, knowledgeable, and engaged in these topics, then they can more easily help the real congregations and communities who are struggling every day. CURE seeks to equip pastors and their congregations with principles of faith, freedom and personal responsibility so that all can give input and voice to the critical issues we face together. 

       The National Clergy Network will have collaborative power and influence as we grow with like-minded team members. Too often we have seen examples of clergy engaged on important issues and then disengaged when they pass. Our times demand more consistency, as these issues are not going away. The sustaining leadership of the NCN will allow for CURE to remain in this space and build up for future generations. Cohesion is a challenge in this day and age, but yet we know that more than 1/3 of the population thinks similarly. It is time for a united organization to arise and make an impact.

       Indeed, there is currently no organization like CURE whose direct mission is to be in our nation's Capitol and advocate for the issues and people we hold dear. From our book club program, our policy summit, and our regular clergy briefings, CURE travels the country every year counseling, listening and educating pastors on solutions to the issues facing their communities. 

       The Voice of Clergy is crucial as we seek to renew the forgotten conscience within our culture. Your participation in the growth of our network will advance CURE's voice in the halls of government and provide a practical way for pastors to actively engage in this movement from a broken society to a stronger world. Knowing that you are making a difference will build pride not only in self, but in our cooperation with others to accomplish real change. 

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