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A non-profit think-and-do tank based in Washington, DC. Our mission is to address issues of culture, poverty and race relations from a Judeo-Christian conservative perspective.


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CURE's mission is to address issues of culture, race and poverty from a Judeo-Christian conservative perspective.


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Black Community News

Black Community News is the source of conservative news for the black community. This project by CURE delivers news and analysis from critical thinkers such as Star Parker, Walter Williams, and Alveda King.

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How we can start taking back our country

Let private citizens take the initiative for change that clearly won't happen in the public sector.


Draining the Dodd-Frank Swamp

The arteries carrying capital to the grass roots of America have been clogged.


Bill Maher and Perpetual Adolescence

Despite the overwhelming evidence correlating traditional family life with personal health and prosperity, Americans are increasingly casting aside this vital social institution.

culture wars

Trump budget fixes our broken culture

Economic stagnation tied to complacency that now grips our culture.


Liberal fight against freedom turns violent

The nation is becoming increasingly polarized on the very fundamental question regarding the extent to which individuals have control over their own life.

culture wars

Trump should move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

President Trump holds the cards. He promised during the campaign to move the embassy. Will he do it?

culture wars

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