Defend and Protect the Tea Party Principles

October 7, 2011 | Star Parker

If the liberals have their way, the Tea Party movement and principles will die on the sidewalks of Wall Street. Help me keep the flame of freedom alive by donating as generously as you can right now and send me to New York City.

Friend --

I want you to know that there is something sinister going on.
The protestors on Wall Street are not who they say they are. They are professional liberals and Marxists -- some who are even paid to protest -- who hold values that are the extreme opposite to the values that you and I hold.
Some are pointing out that these protests are a rising tide against the Tea Party.

The Marxists who are dressing up as patriots have every design to eliminate the Tea Party movement. And their method to keep our ideas from the public are some of the most dangerous methods I've ever seen. They want us all to look at our American system of capitalism and turn it upside down.
They're telling all of us to blame the bankers for the problems in our country. And many Tea Party members are signing on the dotted line and joining the protests themselves! They're destroying our movement from the inside. It's too easy for them!
These liberals are really fighting because we're demanding the government to cut spending and limit its reach rather than raise our taxes and grow government. They will never accept that. Instead, they're demanding higher taxes, not just on Wall Street, but for everyone. These aren't protests against corruption. These are tax-raising rallies and they're using Tea Partiers to push this agenda!
Their hidden agenda is clear for me to see because I've seen it before.
I lived though the failed leftist policies and experienced the consequences. They’ve been experimenting big-government controls on the black community for 50 years.

It worked because it's easy to blame someone else for the problems around us.
That's how the Left broke down the black community and now has millions of Americans addicted to the government. Black families used to value work and stay married, but then liberals created handouts and told them they don't need to look after themselves anymore. Instead they told Americans who struggled through history to stop trying -- we'll give you what you deserve.
In exchange, the liberal leaders were elected into a lifetime of privilege while the black community disintegrated into broken homes, children who never graduated from school, black young men heading to prison instead of starting a family, a third of black babies aborted and poverty and misery that spreads like disease.
This is what happens everywhere when Marxists are allowed to take the reins. The Soviet Union. Cuba. Mao's China. I will not let this happen to America!
Let’s rise up! Don't listen to their lies. I am packing my bags and going to New York City where I will tell the truth and liberate Americans who are mesmerized by the liberals' poisonous words.
If we don't do it, who will?

Send me to New York City right now with a most generous donation of $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500. I'm going to speak to the black community, in the churches, and on the media, help them to organize and demand that the lies stop now. There is a price to pay for freedom. We have to act now before it's all taken away from us.
Follow me through flame and freedom.  Follow me for America.

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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