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February 17, 2012 | Star Parker

We can end the entitlement mentality by spreading the truth about welfare with my story. Support my campaign for truth in America's hardest-hit cities with a donation of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 right now.

Friend --

As November approaches, the media wants us to believe everything is improving because of President Obama.
But when half of our nation's urban children drop out of school, no one can tell me that our nation is on a path to recovery.
In failed cities such as Detroit and Cleveland, only 1 in 4 young men and women graduate!
What are all these youth going to do with their lives?
Our children are growing up with no purpose in their lives and no one is speaking out about the real cause. But I will, because this failure is a direct result of our culture of dependency.
No Democracy can sustain itself when its voting population remains uneducated and dependent on the politicians they elect.
This is why we see our inner-cities crumbled to the core and our children tossed onto the government plantation for the rest of their lives and our country bankrupted to pay for it.
Maya Angelou, a friend of Martin Luther King Jr. and still deeply respected within the black community, just gave an interview to a British newspaper where she said before the 1960s, black children had been told that their future depends on them, "you must get to school and you must go for A's," she said.
So today, how does Maya Angelou see the success of the Civil Rights movement that she was a part of?
Angelou told the reporter that after the 1960s, black children were told they don't have to go to school and she admitted that "grades that were fine in black schools, sank to an embarrassing level."
It's pitiful.  Those are her words and I can only agree.
But where Angelou and I diverge in agreement is why our society went wrong. The 1960s is important because that's when the so-called "war on poverty" began. It told the poor not to be responsible for their lives, that the government will take care of them no matter what they do.
Why go to school and "go for A's" when nothing is dependent on you? Why go to school when your rent is paid whether you work or not? Why graduate and find a job or commit to a spouse when your child is guaranteed food and clothing by the state?
The results of the war on poverty are plain to see in our inner-cities and all of our country. Everyone -- black, white, Asian and Hispanic -- should wake up and see the looming disaster when the stewards of our democracy, our children, fail so miserably.
And this is not just happening to minorities anymore. Our whole nation is more dependent on the government than ever before.
Angelou won't admit that government dependency and failing students go hand-in-hand. And that's why our democracy and freedom is at risk. We have to be as loud in all of our communities as Maya Angelou so that people can begin to realize that government is causing the very misery it claims to solve.
Friend, you know my story. You know I lived on government handouts and my life spiraled out of control. The reality is, no one really wants to live like that but they don't know how to escape it.
Join me and we can help Americans escape from the plantation.

You've seen my work. We can reach out to the poorest communities through my television show -- which will bring my weekly syndicated column to life -- and through the pastors I regularly meet with, and through the policy-makers who listen to my story and my ideas in Washington, DC to restore America's freedom.
I can't rescue America alone, but I’ve dedicated my life to fighting the overreach of government and I;m asking you, once again, for your continued support of my work.

So please join me with your most generous financial contribution right now and let's bring responsibility back to America and help ALL of our children "go for A's" and protect the country we love.

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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