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March 1, 2012 | Star Parker

Help me march into America's liberal campuses with your most generous financial contribution right now of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or even $2,500 and let's bring responsibility back to America and protect the country we love!

Police escorted me across campus to protect me from radical black liberals who came out to protest my speech at Texas A&M University. Incredibly, these are the next generation of black leaders, the indoctrinated supporters of Obama.
Because of the outcry against my presence on campus, some people wanted to cancel my speech, or refuse to let the protestors into the lecture hall. But on the front lines of the battle, we can't back down. So I let them in along with everyone else who wanted to hear why on earth a black woman would be a conservative.
With scorn and disrespect, the protestors gathered to their seats in the back of the hall, stood up and immediately turned their backs to me. The hall was tense with disagreement and the possibility of a violent outbreak. You could have heard a pin drop, but I wasn’t about to give them the silent treatment that they gave me.
Moments like this are the opportunities to say what I desperately wish that someone had said to me at their age, before I signed up to live on the government plantation and watched my life spiral out of control over seven miserable years.
I decided, I'm going to try to reach them with everything in me. I will tell my story, and I will tell the story of hundreds of thousands of black Americans who bought the lie of the Left. Then I will show them the sweet redemptive power of God’s intervention in my life that showed me the only way to live is a life of personal responsibility. And I told them how big government is an idol that will destroy their lives and our great country and threatens our freedom, day-by-day, the deeper we're mired in a culture of dependency.
But any black who speaks against Obama is considered a traitor by other blacks, these students were brainwashed to think.
"This president has failed you and all of us," I wanted to shout. I cannot let these young men and women throw away their lives for Obama. His election shouldn't be about his personal popularity and certainly not his race. I wanted them to understand there are real-life consequences to his policies, and in just a year or two, they're going to enter the real world and have to decide: do I want to live in the free world or on the plantation?
I know what they're thinking: "how dare you leave our side!"
The black students talked about Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X as if they stood for the same ideals because they’re all black! They have tunnel vision because they ignore what Obama is really providing for African-Americans: more blacks unemployed, more black babies aborted, and more black families on food stamps than ever.
They continued to protest, and I saw more clearly than ever how brainwashed they are.
Some people said I looked mad, and I was. These young people who have the ability to think for themselves are going to throw away their lives and destroy the country with their socialist ideas taught by liberal professors who only teach one point of view.
But I know what the real consequences of ivory-tower liberalism look like. Like every inner-city in the nation.
When I lived on welfare, my friends and neighbors were floundering in despair and you could see it in their faces.  You can see it in our inner-cities today. A young man I knew took his own life because there is no hope when you're trapped on the government plantation.
Friend, this is what happens when liberals hold a monopoly on thought on our college campuses and this is why I must go into these leftist stangleholds on freedom and thought.
The next campus I’m visiting is UCLA, and I’m asking very strongly for your prayers, and your help.
I can only go to these campuses and reach these young leaders with your continued financial support. But I won’t stop there. I will reach our current political leaders too, with policy reports on Capitol Hill. And I will reach our communities and families through our black pastor program that works at the grassroots level to break the cycle of poverty and restore families and personal responsibility.
Join me and we can free the captives from Uncle Sam’s Plantation. If we don’t fight this battle on our campuses and in our cities, we will never get our nation back on track.
You've been by my side as a fellow foot-soldier for freedom, in prayer and financial support, so I'm asking you to please join me, once again, and help me march into America's liberal campuses with your most generous financial contribution right now of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or even $2,500 and let's bring responsibility back to America and protect the country we love.
Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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