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April 13, 2012 | Star Parker

I don't believe the liberal lies and I know you don't either. Help me expose the lies before all of our dreams are crushed. What is the most that you can give to save our country? Maybe it's $1,000 or $500 or maybe today it is $100 or $50?

Friend --
Obama is striking fear into the poor and middle class by announcing "Republicans want to gut social programs."
Well, I hope so!

The “social programs” he’s talking about aren’t charities that give people a fresh start. They’re government offices that make fake promises to poor people, promises that they can’t keep. Promises like, “You can buy a house without saving up for it. You can have a cell phone without paying for it. You can go to college for as long as you want -- there are ways to get around the bills. We’ll provide quality healthcare and you won’t have to pay for it.”
Before I go on, I want you to tell me what you think of this true story:
A newly married couple in their late twenties live in an apartment with few furniture dreaming about building their dream home on lakefront property in their hometown.
But they never went to college.
Each of them works two minimum wage jobs in retail and one even delivers pizza. They both often work over 60 hours a week.
They only see each other every few days where they make time to catch up.
Without help from their family, they eventually save enough to put a down-payment on that lakefront property to build their home. Then they go back to work.
Obama believes that that is not a life that people should live.

Tavis Smiley calls them “the new poor.”

Cornel West says it’s immoral that people have to suffer like this.

Nancy Pelosi says they have to work so hard because rich people are conspiring against them.

Jesse Jackson says they're forced to work because of institutionalized racism.
I say they’re living the American dream!

They're being responsible!

This couple shows us all an endangered species: young Americans who are not relying on handouts to make their dreams come true.

And despite what the liberals are telling them, their dreams are coming true.
But liberals driving our society are soon going to put an end to stories like this. Obama is at the steering wheel, with Democrats gearing up their campaign speeches, and West and Smiley are touring the country.
So-called "Progressive" lobbying groups -- who Allen West just said are the same thing as Communists -- are telling Americans that no one should "suffer" living on minimum-wage or working more than 40 hours per week.
I received a petition from a Progressive group the other day that told me that because people are "suffering" life under minimum wage, that we can make that suffering go away by demanding politicians force companies to raise wages and make the government give people free healthcare.
But we're already doing that. We've been doing it in earnest since President Johnson started the “Great Society” programs in the 1960s.
His "Great Society" programs gave away housing, food, education, healthcare and wages in exchange for votes.
But the suffering didn't end. It only got worse.
Today, crime is out of control, families break apart, our kids don't graduate and poverty rates remain the same as they were half a century ago.
And what the bureaucrats didn't tell them is that they would also have to exchange their dreams for a new life on the plantation.
I lived that life, on and off, for seven years. Friend, there are no dreams on the plantation to build a lakefront home. I was taught that only rich people live like that, off the backs of the poor.
As Progressives demand that we continue class-warfare and abandon the free-market, they’re planning real suffering for every American.

Will you help me save America and stop them with a most generous and immediate donation?
Obama just told Americans that we're facing the starkest election since Johnson and Goldwater. He is actually comparing himself to Lyndon B. Johnson, exposing his plans to expand government’s reach!
We must convince Americans not to be timid anymore! And black Americans can’t ignore what's happening in their own backyard and what this president has done to our communities.

Help me reach all Americans with the reasons that conservative principles give solutions that actually help people, while the liberal lies harm families and crush dreams.
What is the most that you can give to save our country? Maybe it’s $1,000 or $500, maybe today it is $100, $50, or $25?

Every gift that you give helps me reach all Americans! And every prayer helps us reach soft hearts that are ready to try personal responsibility. Thank you for what you can do to help today!

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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