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November 1, 2012 | Star Parker

It's time that we stood up to the leftist pastors who have led Americans astray. Support my Black Pastor Network campaign right now with an immediate contribution of $50, $150, $300, $500, $1,500 or even $4,000!

Friend --
A group of black pastors in North Carolina just attacked Franklin Graham for criticizing the beliefs of the president and asking voters to vote their values and elect candidates who support "biblical principles."
They said that Franklin, who is Billy Graham's son who now runs his ministry, was "promoting a narrow form of Christianity that supports a politically conservative point of view."
North Carolina's NAACP President joined the assault and absurdly accused Graham of "being seduced by the sirens of money and power," and "cherry-picking the easy parts of Christianity."
Both organizations slammed what they called Graham's focus on abortion and traditional marriage. They then attacked him for ignoring Judeo-Christian principles to help the poor, feed the hungry and treat the sick.
I'm standing up to them. Will you?
I will not let left-wing pastors or the NAACP hijack and ride down the black community any longer.

I will not let the left attack the black pastors who preach responsibility -- our good men -- without a response!
I called on the pastors in our Black Pastor Network to speak out and they answered my call. Below are two responses I hope you will read:

Black pastors who ignore these facts or "cherry pick" in order to support this present administration are being totally irresponsible to the office of a shepherd. These pastors seem to lean towards the out-sourcing of our given assignments from God, by always looking for the government to do our work. We are to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the sick, protect the womb and support the marriage bed as God intended.
Billy Graham Ministries has truly stood for the biblical principles of the sanctity of life and biblical marriage while also providing outreach to hurting communities worldwide. I support them in their continued work and will not support anyone for any office who ignores our Constitution and the Judeo-Christian values in which it was founded.
Pastor Donald Sadler
Founder and Senior Pastor
Life Fellowship Church Newburgh, NY

Here is another:

As I have read the story the first time it surfaced, I just shook my head and asked God to open their eyes.
The NAACP leader referenced here, accused Pastor Franklin with "cherry-picking the easy parts of Christianity”. Last I looked, it is written the “path that leads to destruction IS STILL BROAD, but the path which follows Christ is NARROW."
As a called Pastor of God, “I stand with other members of the Black Pastor Network in refuting the North Carolina NAACP and the group of African American Ministers referenced in the article. I further admonish all men and women of God to join Pastor Franklin and Billy Graham, and ask voters to elect candidates who support "biblical principles."
I close with the word of God found in the Gospel of John 16:13, “when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth."
Pastor Bruce E. Rivers
Founder and Sr. Pastor,
Greater Exodus Baptist Church, Western Mission
Los Banos California

Friend, because of help from people like you, pastors are coming out of their dens, knowing there are others like them. They're not afraid to speak out against the liberal lies.
Pastors in urban communities have seen the destruction in their own communities and congregations first-hand and know that to help the poor, feed the hungry and treat the sick, only capitalism, personal responsibility and faith are proven to work. These are the very things the NAACP and the leftist pastors must attack to stay in power.
Help me and pastors across the country speak out right now!
Please click and follow this link and help me raise $37,874 by November 6.
So far, 272 supporters like you have raised $17,249. We're nearly at the mark but I need your help right now to meet this urgent goal.
America can't wait. Please contribute right now.


Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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