Money, Property and Marxists

January 8, 2013 | Star Parker

How Progressive Marxists were caught off-guard about President Obama's payroll holiday and tried to protect their property.

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When President Obama’s payroll tax holiday ended on January 1, socialists and Marxists flew to Twitter, Facebook and other online communities to complain.

They noticed that an additional two percent was taken from their paycheck for social security withholding and sent to the government -- money that was no longer in their pocket for them to spend as they see fit.

After I read through the complaints of many of these socialists on -- an online community where President Obama was once a member -- these progressives sure sounded like fiscal conservatives who didn’t want the government to steal their money!

But unlike fiscal conservatives, they  were confused about how the economy works.

For a long time, I’ve been saying that more Americans must have skin in the game -- to pay for the growing bureaucracy and handouts -- so we can reduce the size and scope of government. When more Americans are forced to pay for government programs, we’ll see more of them demanding a reduction in the size of government!

These comments are also a small taste of what will come in 2014 when many young people who choose not to buy health insurance today will be forced to buy it. If they think missing two percent from their paycheck is bad right now, then there’s a big surprise in store for them soon.

"I'm not someone who earns close to $400,000/year and $52 each paycheck will make a difference.  I guess you really can't call this an increase since it's the payroll tax deduction that's being adjusted.  But, when it's added up, nearly $1400 is definitely money that I could have used."

-- nspguy (username)

"For a lot of people, this 2% will mean hardship.  For a lot of us, it's a few less dinners out and a few less video games or putting off the new iPhone a few months."

-- 57andFemale

I'm getting ready to buy a car. But I'm waiting to see how much our take home pay is being affected before I decide what I want my monthly payment to be.

-- supergreen

"The economy is already in a stage of anemic growth.  Now is not the best time to reduce take home pay."

-- montressor

"Poor people don't need tax breaks. We need jobs. We need the Federal Government to step up and hire us to do hard work for reasonable pay under first world conditions. We need a fundamental change in the labor market. The Federal Government is the only possible employer capable of doing it."

-- JesseCW

Mine's about $38. Payroll tax. It hurts a bit, but I can afford it.  I'm not sure about my kids.

-- loggersbrat

"[My husband and I] were flabbergasted that no one cared to extend this and fight for this.  Now we have a good chunk of money less coming in per month.  Harder to pay bills and harder to buy necessities.  YAY!"

-- ProProgressive

"And it'll be very real that people will spend less.  Already my husband and I are trying to figure out what we should cut out of our budget.  2% doesn't sound like a lot to people, but it is.  "

-- ProProgressive

"Every month, the President walked up And handed a guy $50. Like clockwork, incredibly reliable, $50. He said, "I'd like you to spend it, but if you save it or pay bills, I won't complain. Then "suddenly" (with plenty of notice to those who watch or read the news), the President stopped showing up. "Selfish jerk!"  The guy responds. "He's taking my money!"

-- grover

"This was a temporary rollback to stimulate the economy. [ … ] Think of this as an end to something you shouldn't have gotten in the first place."

-- Puddytat

"The temporary reduction of FICA taxes was just 2%, so in order for your taxes to have gone up by $52, your gross would have to be $2600.  If it was, and your salary is $135,000 per year, I think you'll be able to handle $1,400 additional taxes."

-- gustynpip

"If your pulling in 150k, you've got plenty. Probably should be paying more in tax."

-- Frank Dewey

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