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January 19, 2013 | Star Parker

Will you help make Star Parker's press conference a reality with black pastors and black leaders who will stand up for our right to bear arms, with an urgent contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000?

Friend --

After Chicago's leaders tried to stop Americans from owning guns in the city, it was a black man, Otis McDonald, who fought back.

Helpless from defending himself in a deteriorating neighborhood rife with gangs and drugs, McDonald stood up to take back his right to own a gun.

The US Supreme Court listened to his plea and upheld his right, and all American's right, to bear arms.

But that hasn't stopped the progressive Left's assault on the Second Amendment!

The black leadership and media -- from the NAACP, the President to Al Sharpton -- believe it's Americans who are "clinging to their guns" who allow the guns on the streets that are killing Americans, mostly black Americans.

Gun crime is clearly out-of-control. In Chicago, the body count is 200 more than the number of U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan last year -- mostly African Americans.

But if the Left had their way, then Otis McDonald's right to bear arms would be limited, and then gun crime would decrease.

This makes no sense.

Otis McDonald knows this makes no sense and blacks across America know this makes no sense.

But the media won't listen to them.

That needs to change right now. Will you help?

In the next few weeks, I plan to hold a press conference in Washington, DC with black pastors and black leaders from across the country who reject the NAACP, the Black Congressional Caucus and Al Sharpton's view that Americans should not be allowed to own guns.

These pastors are the same law-abiding Americans who believe that guns protect their lives and their livelihood. And they have good reason.

In a column I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I said that blacks, of all people, should know that taking arms from the law-abiding many puts too much power in the hands of a perhaps ill-intending few.

Will you help make my press conference a reality with an urgent contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000? I need to raise more than $12,500 to make this press conference happen.

Up against the millions that fund the NAACP, I really feel like David confronting Goliath, but our country needs to see and hear more African Americans stand up for our Constitutional right to bear arms. That right protects us from tyranny on the street and tyranny from the government.

Through my Pastor Network, leaders from blighted urban neighborhoods, thick with gun crime, are ready to protect the Second Amendment with me, if you can help me right now.

The current black leadership, once again, stands against what the black community supports and our rights are at risk.

Friend, will you stand up for the Second Amendment, stand against tyranny and stand for freedom by financially supporting my  urgent press conference with black pastors?

Please click and follow this link to immediately donate $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000 right now.

Thank you for standing up for freedom!

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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