Listen: Star Parker debates abortion, birth control, ObamaCare and racism

August 5, 2011 | Star Parker

You don't want to miss this 25 minute debate that appeared on Sean Hannity's radio program on August 4, 2011. Star Parker really hits all the right notes about the inherent racism of abortion, birth control and ObamaCare. Sean Hannity, like most of the listeners, was enlightened and surprised at the truth about Star Parker's experience. Spend the entire 25 minutes listening and reflecting -- you won't be disappointed.

Here's what others are saying:

My mother and I sat in the hot car for 20 mins to finish hearing you speak on Hannity's show...we were blown away by you, and honestly, we were cheering you on!! You impress me beyond belief. You are truly an inspiration to women everywhere. Thank you for lending a conservative voice to this crazy, welfare-state world we are living in right now.


You couldn't see me but I was standing up cheering you in your debate with liberal America. You were truthful, honest, and sincere. God granted one of my wishes when I first heard you speak. I grew up in the tobacco fields of Tennessee as a lad. Worked side by side with 2nd generation decedents of slaves. Their were no troubles then. I can tell you they would be proud to here your story and here you speak the word. God Speed to you Star Parker. Your job will never be easy. But you will prevail.

Transcript of debate on new Health and Human Resources recommendations requiring private insurers cover birth control and abortion under Obama's Health Care Plan.  Heard on Sean Hannity's radion program on August 4, 2011.

Who: Star Parker, Tamara Holder, Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity: New rules handed down from the from the bureaucrats in the Health and Human Services Department and it is a decision following a report issued by the Obama administration that now has it that all insurance companies must provide approved birth control methods including the morning after pill be added to the list of preventative health services. In other words: free birth control. Then we told you the New York Post story that chronicled in Pennsylvania that they were giving away free cell phones with 250 minutes to people who can't afford free cell phones.  Then I'm thinking, why don't we give away to people a free house, a free car free health care, day care, free clothing alliance and everything else in between, and then we'll have the perfect cradle-to-grave socialist redistribution society that we've ever had.

Anyway Star Parker is back with us as well as Tamara Holder. Guys, welcome back to the program.

Sean: Alright, we'll start with you Tamara, because I asked, why do I assume you support this notion?

Tamara: Why do I assume that we're probably not going to agree this time?

Sean: Because we're not going to agree and then you can go back to Imus in the Morning and start whining that you didn't get enough time to express your views.

Tamara: Well, if you wouldn't interrupt me all the time because I have good views.

Sean: I don't interrupt you all the time, but you make no sense and I have to stop you to get you to focus.

Tamara: I know, if only I were a conservative, then everything would make so much sense. Look Sean this has to do with paying for women's preventative services. This is just not birth control. This is about HPV testing. I just had a client just die from cervical cancer...all kinds of things that have to do with making sure that women will live long and healthy lives. It's not just about birth control.

Sean: Tamara? Why should the taxpayers in a country that is now broke that has $16.7 trillion in debt soon to be $25 trillion in debt. Why do we have to provide cell phones and birth control to people? Why is it our obligation to provide that?  Why can't people get their own birth control?

Tamara: Why can't they? Because we're not talking about making sure that we're taking care of someone down the line for the rest of their lives who isn't wanted -- who is a child that needs health care, who grows up in a home that can't afford to take care of them.

Sean: So people who have no responsibility for their own decisions or behavior … so in other words, they're responsible enough to take their clothes off and have sex, maybe with a stranger, but they're not responsible enough...

Tamara: Oh come on!  73 percent of women are raped by somebody they know.  A lot of those women have children out of rape and incest...

Sean: We're not talking about rape or incest...

Star: You know what, I'm on the line too. This is Star. We hear these same stories from liberals, but this is even worse than liberal social planning and the welfare state slavery. This is the problem with broken Washington and its 2000 page bills.  The devil is clearly in the details.

Two things. Number one: to force private insurance plans to pay for morally controversial offerings like birth control, sterilization. This raises serious First Amendment questions -- Constitutional questions regarding the freedom of conscience.

Number two: getting into the point that Tamara's making and that liberals always make with the stated admission of eugenics and Planned Parenthood's founder Margaret Sanger to control the birth rates of blacks, Jews and other minorities for birth-control, sterilization or abortion is the same things that HHS is asking for now through this new health-care bill and the difficulties to stop this billion-dollar business from getting corporate welfare to carry out its mission. It's imperative that the private sector is not forced into this insidious and racist practice that American taxpayers are already being forced to do.

Tamara: It is not racism. We're talking about women.  We're talking about mammograms, screenings...

Star: It is extremely racist when you talk about poverty and poor women.  When you look at the data on what is occurring in these urban communities because of this liberal mindset that we have to help them control their birth. We are talking about now, in abortion alone in the black community, one in two-and-a-half pregnancies is aborted today. This decision that we're making to force ourselves into this one health-care plan -- ObamaCare – that you guys have done now to not just the whole country and bankrupting it – but also this morally unacceptable to target specific communities to have them kill their children – there has to be moral outrage on this one.

Tamara: Star, do you know anything about the board? Did you read the report?

Star: I am reading the report before it's implemented – remember the these are just the guidelines right now. The legislation was adopted – the Senator was able to sneak this provision in and now we're talking about the devil in the details about ObamaCare; that Kathleen Sibelius, the Secretary of HHS, the Health and Human – this is inhumane what they're doing -- to give her license to go out there and write her own rules. And that one of the first guidelines they decide to write is to trample on the moral conscience of any and every provider in this country -- Catholics included -- who are opposed to contraception will not going to be allowed to do these services anymore. But the specific targeting of these poor people and for you guys to keep excusing what you're really trying to do to control the birth rate and sterilization. Do I need to remind you of the Tuskegee study?

Tamara: This has nothing to do with sterilization.

Star: It's absolutely clear that sterilization is available as well.

Tamara: The last I checked our President is black. This has nothing to do with that. It has to do with women and making sure that they are healthy for the rest of their lives. It has to do with cervical cancer.

Star: Let's talk about that part where you talk about the President being black because you brought that up.  No, this is liberal left wing social engineering that decided to try to disguise on the American people their agenda – their true agenda by putting a black face on it.  Well you need to be called out on it because your policies have already destroyed every inner city in this country. It is collapsed the black family and now you want to send out to the rest of America without a fight.

You want to HHS, the health and welfare department, to push the idea on the American people were now men and women of conscience cannot be involved in the health care provision services because you're forcing their hand by forcing private insurance companies to pay for abortion and pay for birth-control. This is out of control.

Sean: I'm listening.

Star: She has nothing to say. No, that this is the problem: they try to hide behind poor people.

Tamara: I'm not hiding behind anything.

Star:  I bought your lies. I lived the lie of the left. It wasn't until after the fourth time I went into one of your safe, legal and rare abortion clinics...

Tamara: Sean, if I can talk. I don't need to be yelled at. It's fine if you don't agree with me. I'm waiting for you to finish with your rant.

Sean: Tamara. Stop whining and answer her...

Tamara: I'm not whining, Sean. Just because I don't agree with her doesn't mean I'm a whiner.

Sean: You are whining.  Here's Star making some brilliant points.  I'm sitting back fascinated...

Tamara: Really? So what's the point? That this is about racism? This is about sterilization in the black community?

I work in the black community everyday. I can tell you that I am not black, that I have plenty of friends who are not black and can benefit from services. Not just birth control but cervical cancer screening, breast cancer screening. Things that women would not be able to afford if they were not given the gift to be able to go in and make sure that they're healthy.  

This is not about killing black babies in the inner city. That's the most ridiculous argument Sean.  

The board was made up of a nonpartisan board of doctors and medical professionals. This has nothing to do with politics. This has nothing to do with politics.  This has to do with women.

Star: Why if it has nothing to do with politics are American taxpayers still being forced $330 million a year to fund Planned Parenthood? This is a requirement in the guidelines that private insurance companies is for preventative services and they've outlines what those so-called preventative services are and they include contraception, sterilization and abortifacients.

Sean: Starm why do you think, and I might disagree with you on this onem but why do you think that this is targeting minority communities, because I don't get that argument.

Star: Because of the majority of these health programs are being pushed in hard-hit inner cities. The largest provider of abortion services in the country, Planned Parenthood, are specifically in these hard-hit communities...

Tamara: This is that Herman Cain argument...

Star: Wait let me answer.  He asked me a specific question. The only people who do not go out and buy their own birth-control, sterilization or pay for their own abortions are these folks that are in these poor communities, and they are majority minority.  That's why Sean.

Tamara: That's not true.

Star: Plus, it's clearly stated in Margaret Singer's documentation when she founded Planned Parenthood as eugenics. That's why Sean.

Sean: Tamara?

Tamara: I respectfully disagree that this is about genocide. This is about going into black communities...

Star: ...and Latino. Oh that's right. Don't forget the Latinos, you don't like them either.

Tamara: Women need to go to their doctors and be able to have services. We cannot be a reactive society that takes care of children. We spend $11.1 billion a year on unwanted children. Why can't we – instead of being reactive – instead of spending all that money on children that are not wanted whether they grow up in a home that is incest or abuse or poor family. Instead of that, Why can't women have a choice?  Why can't women go to their doctor and talk?

Sean: Let me ask Tamara a question. Tamara, you want people to have a choice. You're asking a society that's on the verge of bankruptcy, now headed to $25 trillion in new debt in the next 10 years. That's what we're going to owe and that's the best case scenario.

You're asking them to pay more money and now we're going to add new benefits.  We didn't even get to the cell phone issue here, now were going to fund with a ObamaCare, etc... part of coverage: birth control.  

You want choice, how about the people that get in the backseat of cars that go to motels and hotels,  that start making out with their boyfriend and girlfriend and they have a choice, don't they, when they go to those locations  They have a choice when they go to those locations to take off their pants, their shoes, their shirt, their underpants, their bra and a they have choices every step of the way – every article of clothing they choose to have sex.  They make a decision to have sex. And yet now you're saying you want choices.  

How about people be responsible for their own behavior? And they be responsible for their choices and the consequences of their actions?

Tamara: Or women should be able to have the choice whether or not to keep a child.

Sean: They do have a choice.

Tamara: And it's not just kids who are making out in the back of the car.  There are plenty of unwanted pregnancies...

Sean: I'm not talking about kids, I'm talking about adults.

Tamara: Where they are plenty of adults  who act like kids and make out in the back of cars and get pregnant.

Sean: So you think the answer is...I'll go back to Star then because here's the point: there is no end to what liberals want to provide through other people's money.

Tamara: It's not a liberal thing.

Star: Yes it is.

Tamara: No it's not.  Do you know who's on this board?

Star: To get to the question you're asking: does this open the door for people to make more irresponsible choices?

Tamara: Oh, come on.

Star: The answer is clearly yes.  We have 40 years of this type of data now – of what happened when they began this great society and the insistence that people didn't have to think about natural consequences to illicit sexual activity that we promoted through safety nets.  We saw what happened when we can look at any inner-city and rural area and see the end result. Liberalism has left this community and others wanting.  The top three social crises confronting us as a nation today are rooted in sexual immorality: AIDS, abortion, and the entire welfare state.

Tamara: Oh, come on! Sexual immorality?

Star: These are facts. Something that liberals never talk about. They want to talk about the emotion.  They don't talk about the facts.

Tamara: Why are we so prude?

Sean: Hey Star, let me ask you a question...

Tamara: It's shocking! I know!

Sean: But if they're going to make that very adult decision, at some point they've got to be responsible because I would assume that everybody knows what the consequences are, Tamara, if they're engaging in behavior.  

Now Star, your background and you've talked about this. You came from a fairly liberal perspective in life. You've admitted -- or not admitted – but you've talked publicly about abortions that you've had, right?

Star: I just mentioned it again. You know, I just believed the lie of the left. I wouldn't even say that I adopted that liberal lie. I didn't even know about it.

I just was an end result of them promoting ideas like Tamara was attempting to do that say, oh come on, we thought about all of this for you, you don't have to. And I ended up four times in their safe, legal, rare abortion clinics.

It wasn't until after that that I had a gut instinct way down deep inside that maybe there's something wrong with killing your children.

No, what liberals think is that people cannot be responsible. They are certain folks that are just not able to make clear decisions for their lives so we have to help them. And we're going to help them by making sure that they don't produce more images of themselves. And at the end of the day it is genocide.

Tamara: So what about your behavior? You're going to say that everyone else needs to be accountable for their sexual activity and sexual promiscuity, but you are saying that it's the liberal's fault for you having abortions? Why not looking at your own behavior and asking yourself why you had the same behavior over and over and over again? And looking at yourself and making those changes?

Star: Let me answer you. When liberals open the door that you do not have to think about it, that we'll pay for any and every decision that you make, then people are going to go ahead and not think about it and let other people pay for their decisions.

California paid for my abortions and I ended in an out of the welfare state for seven years, three-and-a-half years consistently, because they were sending that message out then, 25 years ago, and you're still sending that message today.  Fortunately for me, after a Christian conversion, I was able to pull myself together.  

But too many are still stuck in that and you want to come brag about how you are working in the inner cities with poor black people. You need to stay away from them, because it's white liberals like you that are creating the problems that we're now trying to fix in our hard-hit communities.

If you will send out moral message that yes, just say no does work and could work for you, then perhaps we would see a transition with our young people. It's liberals like you that keep going into these communities and convincing these people that they are animals. That's the reason we're still having to deal with the social chaos in our inner cities.

Tamara: You do not need to attack me for the color of my skin...

Star: You are the one bragging about going into help these poor black people and help them by forcing abortions on them.

Sean: All right, we've got to take a break.


Sean: We're back and debating government-funded birth control with Star Parker and Tamara Holder. Things are getting very heated here, as we headed to a break. Star, why don't I let you repeat what you were saying, which was really pissing off Tamara?

Star: Well, I don't really mean to piss her off because she's just one of the millions of liberals who've been able to get away with the madness that they've promoted in our inner cities for the last 45, 50 years.  And now they're getting caught because they're trying to push it out to the general population.  And mainstream America is saying we're not buying it, we don't want it, we've already seen what it's done to collapse entire communities.

It doesn't work.  It doesn't work for our young people. And when you get to the question of what do they do with their sexual energy: we marry before producing children. Period. It has worked through history, and now we want to change the rules and wonder why everything is out of control.

Sean: You were making a point. You were saying that liberals like Tamara go into different explain what you are saying.

Star: They come into these neighborhoods as Miss Do-Good and make an offering to abort their children.  See, their worldview is counterproductive in these communities.

When you do not have clarity, moral clarity – this is right, this is wrong -- and you go into a community that has been broken for a couple of generations, they are looking to build a moral framework.   They don't need to walk into any health service provider and find a liberal voice like Tamara – I hate to pick on her by herself – but it is a philosophy of many that think that they're helping, to then let them know that, you know what, you have nothing to do with this. You don't have to control over yourself, instead we'll just give you birth control – just go for it.

We already know what happens.

We have 4,000 housing projects in this country to show us what happens.

We know what happens.

We have men in jail because they didn't have the proper structure at home -- the husband married to the mother of their children – so no, I would prefer that they just not come into these communities and sell their Liberal lies. They have done enough damage and we need to reverse the course because it is not helping us as a nation.  

These entitlement debates are serious. When we get down to the bottom line of what we've been doing already in Medicaid – this is how I paid for my abortions.

This Medicaid government intrusion into the healthcare industry – coming out of Washington and then mandating all this stuff on the states – it is utter confusion and people's lives are at stake as a result.  So yeah, I would prefer hat she does not come into these inner cities and pass this stuff. And I prefer that Planned Parenthood move out of those neighborhoods as well.

Sean: Tamara?

Tamara: I'm just shocked that she has the ignorant nerve to make a personal attack on the color of my skin and on the work that I do.

Star: You brought it up.

Tamara: I don't work for Planned Parenthood. I don't talk about abortions and religion and anything like that in the inner city. It's not just limited – those issues aren't the only issues in the inner city. We're talking about education. We're talking about public schools – we are talking about parents...

Star: We can throw our broken schools out of there too.

Tamara: ..all kinds of things.  But to make a personal attack on me...

Star: I didn't even know what color you were.  You brought it up.

Tamara: Excuse me...

Star: You decided to point out the color of the President. You decided to bring up your color so we can discuss it then. And I do think it is an interesting dynamic that you would bring it up to make your case for why we should go ahead with sterilization, abortion and birth control so I do think it's interesting.

Tamara: Can I finish?

Star: Sure.

Tamara: Thanks. You first said that this was an issue that was focused just on the inner city and the reason why I brought up the color of the President's skin is because I don't think that a black president would put such a racist spin or a racist agenda on the inner city. I guarantee it.

Star: Well, you can guarantee it honey, but when you look at the President's policies, that is exactly what he's doing. We could have a whole other discussion about that statement you just made. Liberalism itself is destructive to black people. Socialism is cruel to the vulnerable and the poor.

Tamara: You brought up religion and morals and things like that, that has nothing to do with the health care of the woman.

Star: It has to do with the topic of the hour, which is HHS, Health and Human Services, now passing guidelines that are forcing the religious community into a dilemma. They're not going to start promoting contraception at Catholic hospitals.

Tamara: This is not about religion. I'm sorry, but everything isn't about liberals and religion.

Star: Yes it is.  Obviously you didn't read the guidelines because they made sure that it was specifically about religion and to the point that even when they said we're going to have a few exemptions, they qualified those exemptions. And the only one who's going to pass those qualifications, frankly, is the Pope!

Tamara: So HPV screening is about religion? Breast cancer screening is about religion?

Star: You want to pick them out one by one?  They absolutely are.

Tamara: Sure. You're picking out birth control when it's one of eight services that's offered. So let's talk about all of them.  They're all part of a liberal agenda?

Star: I'll take the liberty to read the specific conscience protection guidelines. They are offensibly narrow. The guidelines for the religious employer: the employer has to, not only have the religious values but primarily employs persons who share their religious values, primarily serve those who share those religious values and is a nonprofit that the IRS says yeah, we're going to let you stay over there in that corner. Here's the dilemma...

Tamara: That's what it says? Verbatim?

Star: Let me finish. You have providers, in particular, God bless them Catholics who are in there, in these hard-hit inner cities to educate children and trying to run hospitals. They are not going to start pushing contraceptives, so therefore they're in a dilemma because their options will be: do we shut our services or do we only provide these services to religious folks? So that means everyone who comes in the door, we're going to have to ask them “Are you Catholic? Because if you aren't, I know you're bleeding, I know you've got HIV, I know you're pregnant, but we won't be able to us serve you.”

This is also a deliberate attempt to send our crisis pregnancy center out of business, which are already under attack by HHS. You got to wonder why. We only have a few thousand of them in the country that are also trying to serve those who are poor, those who are in a pregnancy and don't want to abort but yet, who do they run into?  Liberals who want to run them out of business. This is a direct attack on religion.

Tamara: You are not pro-choice and that's why you're upset. You think that abortion and birth control and any kind of contraceptive measure is killing a child. Well, that is not what this whole service is about. We're talking about the long-term effects of protecting our women in  this entire country.

It's not about the inner city. It's  women who are in college. Its young women like myself , when I was young, who don't have time to go to the doctor or don't have another $40 to pay for the birth control pill.

You know, people make mistakes, people get pregnant. People don't want their children, they're raped, whatever the reason is, it across the board. It is not an agenda to attack black America in the inner city and the Catholics and the Christians.

Star: You should do a little bit more research and read these guidelines.

Tamara: I've read all of it.

Star: Remember the topic of the hour, HHS, the Department of Health and Human Services, under the license that ObamaCare has given them, has now come out with some of its guidelines and these guidelines include forcing private insurance plans to pay for these services.  At the end of the day, that's the problem.

Tamara: It's not forcing...

Star: It's not about whether women who have children they don't want.  You know, this is very interesting, this whole unwanted on unplanned debate and we can go on for two hours about that, if you'd like to.  No, this is about ObamaCare forcing private insurance plans to do something they don't want to do -- to force employers – now people of moral conscience who have insurance plans for their employees...

Tamara: know what, you're pregnant, I don't want you have an abortion, I'm not going to pay...

Star: We're not talking about individual pregnancies.  We're talking about employers who have a moral conscience who are now not protected from government to say to their employees: I don't want to provide you with a healthcare plan that includes these morally unacceptable measures like birth control, sterilization, abortion so now I'm not going to provide you a healthcare plan at all, which is what Barack Obama wants to be able to force all of us onto the government plan. So they're trying to deliberately run anyone with a moral conscience out of the healthcare business.

Tamara: There's no sterilization. Stop being a fear-mongerer. I want to see where in these guidelines there is sterilization and I think Sean should post it on the website, because that's actually a fallacy. It's fear-mongering and it's untrue. There's no sterilization that part of this plan, this is help for women...

Star: So it's just abortion and contraception? Is that what you're saying? So it's just going to force them provide abortions and contraceptives?  You're saying it doesn't include sterilization?

Tamara: Is that killing?

Star: We're not talking about killing. We're talking about private insurance plans that carry these morally controversial offerings such as contraception and sterilization and abortion. You said that while it doesn't include sterilization, that means your saying, 'oh but yest, we're going to force them to carry contraceptives and abortions.'

Tamara: No, but you said it includes sterilization. So I would like to see that...

Sean: Alright.  We're going to leave it right there but it's a very fascinating debate and very different points of view. [End]

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