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December 16, 2016 | Star Parker

Raise up a new voice to challenge the liberals who steal our freedom by backing CURE's expansion of our Black Pastor Network with a contribution of $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or $3,000 or more!

Friend --

Liberals are going to war.

They know we are going to repeal Obamacare. They know we are going to defund Planned Parenthood. They know in just the first 180 days of the Trump Administration that we're going to fill Justice Scalia's seat with a conservative who will uphold our Constitution and founding principles.

This is the time to get focused. That's because this is not the first time we've had all three branches of government. The last time this happened, we did not get anything done because the Left created so much fear in "me-too" conservatives that they acted just like them! Never again!

That's why CURE -- the non-profit that I founded and run that is based in Washington, DC -- must take action right now. On January 2nd, my team and I will start a massive expansion of our Black Pastor Network. That's why I write this email to you.

Al Capone said a kind word and a gun is far more effective than just a kind word. Our pastors change lives and change policies because they are our gun! They are the ones who can challenge the liberals who have NEVER been challenged before.

Will you back CURE's expansion of our Black Pastor Network with an immediate contribution of $100 or more?

Imagine when the Black Caucus fights Trump and conservatives on critical issues, our pastors can stand up to them. Imagine when Planned Parenthood demands our taxes to fund the killing of our poor black babies, our pastors can stand up to them. And imagine when the liberals blame the Second Amendment on crime in the inner-cities, our pastors can stand up to them! That's why we must build our network to take back our country!

We have a choice: do we have a voice to back Trump and fix our inner-cities so we can make America great again? Or do we let the liberal extremists destroy our freedom, steal our money and property, and kill lives?

It's the financial support from you that makes our work possible.

Friend, President-elect Trump won by 100,000 votes in the swing states. That's a full football stadium. Liberals know they simply need to get more minorities out to vote to stop us. And they will do this by doubling-down on identity politics and fear so they can block and erase everything we accomplish for freedom over the next four years. We must not hand them this opportunity.

Click and follow this link to sponsor CURE's 2017 expansion of our Black Pastor Network by donating $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or $3,000 or more right now.

Remember, your year-end contribution is tax-deductible. 

Sponsor our work to reduce the size and scope of government by donating right now >>

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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