Happy retirement, Dr. Thomas Sowell

Friend --

Good news, sad news...
The sad news is that my hero and mentor Dr. Thomas Sowell has retired his pen from writing for Creators Syndicate for the last 30 years. At 86, he is moving on to pursue his passion for photography.
I will so miss any future insights but boy has he ever left volumes for all of us in his many books and previous columns to fill us for the rest of our lives!
I remember the day I met him 25 years ago, which happened to be at the same time I met Dr. Walter Williams and there they together instructed me (as a brand new public figure and conservative activist) on what it would take to become a quality book writer and perhaps a syndicated columnist that would maintain both longevity and integrity. 
I have read both of these fine gentlemen since; and I have an entire shelf in my personal library of books by Dr. Sowell.
The good news is that I took their advice: and after 4 books and 10 years of writing a weekly syndicated column for Scripps News Service, their national Syndicate, Creators, contracted to distribute my weekly column about two years ago. I want to thank them.
So now, as Dr. Sowell retires, many of the op-ed pages that he has graced for some 30 years, are picking up my column, including the Atlanta Journal Constitution!

I want to thank Dr. Sowell for all that he has poured into my life personally, and although his shoes are large to fill, perhaps I can do some justice to keep the messages of freedom and self-initiative moving forward.

Yet I want to also thank you! My CURE supporters, because without you, I would not have had the opportunity to stay focused on producing a weekly column worthy of this new honor and height.

I also want to thank Jay Ambrose (wherever he is now) for discovering me.

Serving you,

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