What do these successful, wealthy black entrepreneurs know that they are not sharing with their own?


Change has swept our nation over these years. Technologies abound that no one would have dreamed of. And millions of black Americans have moved into the ranks of the upper middle class, the rich, and the super-rich. Yet, despite this, racial ghettos which harbor, even nurture, poverty and crime persist, generation after generation.

Wealthy black liberals —like billionaire Oprah Winfrey—despite being living proof that the America dream works, who build businesses fueled by American capitalism—invariably join the ongoing chorus of the same, failed explanations of why these impoverished communities persist generations after the Civil Rights Act became law.

Liberal black media serves up the same monotone left-wing propaganda, the same explanations for failure years after the Civil Rights Act, despite having produced billionaire BET founder Robert Johnson.

“The steps out of poverty are not rocket science. Yet people need to be free to take them.”

I broke out of it years ago, after seeing what the debilitating culture of the welfare state was doing to me and those around me. I started CURE in the hope that we could start providing research and information, forums for discussion, to generate light on how misguided government policies keep the poor, poor, rather than leading them out of the morass. And how these policies undermine the very institutions of tradition —like conjugal marriage and family—that do provide the framework that nourishes human growth and potential. The cycle of events is too tragically clear...

This excerpt is from CATALYST Magazine Fall 2014. For more on this edition click HERE.


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