More than politics is necessary to solve the problems our communities face. The traditional beliefs and values which have served those with a Judeo-Christian perspective for centuries will continue to aid in the renewal of society for future generations. To work toward restoration of the social value of traditional solutions is directly to resist the disintegration that affects urban communities.

CURE stresses the urgent importance of restoring the United States’ ability to act within the world in such a manner as to provide allies and adversaries alike a sure expectation of what we are willing and able to do. Nowhere is that need more pressing than in the nation’s relationship with Israel. Their culture must be guarded and a special relationship honored and fostered for the benefit of both nations and the rest of the world. Having Israel as an ally will also aid the United States in the fight against terrorism. The nation can no longer take lightly any sustained danger such as more-frequently occurring acts of terror, but must provide reliable guarantees of safety to their citizens and allies.

CURE believes that the obligations owed to the nation’s service veterans constitute a fundamental component of national culture and security. We cannot ignore their sacrifices made for the protection of our nation’s values, or else they will not remain long in our service.


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