Education plays a central role in personal development and advancement, for a child improperly educated and coming from a poor home faces dimmer prospects for achievement in our competitive, free society. The broken education system begins a child’s life and development unhealthily by trapping them in the vicious cycle of poverty. The problem in our education system is two-fold: failing public schools are located disproportionately in low-income neighborhoods, and teachers’ unions have a stranglehold which prevents genuine concern or interest in improvement from having a lasting, positive effect.

CURE proposes that a movement toward educational choice be accelerated and considered as the primary proven method of rapidly improving educational outcomes for youths from disadvantaged backgrounds. Broad and deep support of these efforts is necessary in order that more parents might be empowered to choose the best school for their children. We urge creative alternatives, including charter schools, vouchers, scholarships, and grants funded through tax credits or federal funds like title 1.

Our society must avoid prejudice towards religiously-based instruction, for it is often vital and the best option for poor minority children. Furthermore, education must occur just as much outside of the school system as within it. Parents and church leaders must take responsibility for teaching all members of their congregation the truth and how to live by traditional values. In making disciples of all, the church must also foster and develop leaders with the potential to take initiative and help to guide society. To ensure that the legacy of proper education continues for generations, we must work to pass the baton to our well-informed and prepared children.

Finally, CURE supports freedom of expression of religion in the school system, and thus strongly believes that such an environment ought to be made in which children are not put down or discouraged for expressing whatever beliefs are core to their development.


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