CURE believes that God is the creator of all life, and therefore life is sacred. We observe that the sanctity of innocent life is a defining moral principle without which it is impossible to sustain a community of shared respect.


Although by expert estimation over fifteen trillion dollars have been spent since 1965 in the “war on poverty”, black poverty rates have been virtually unchanged and deep damage has been caused to black families.


Education plays a central role in personal development and advancement, for a child improperly educated and coming from a poor home faces dimmer prospects for achievement in our competitive, free society. 


Religion has long brought valuable culture and values to daily life, and therefore it must not be muted or smothered, but given its rightful place as the backbone of society. 


CURE believes that the government is a facilitator and servant which exists to protect and enable social resources for binding the wounds of society.


More than politics is necessary to solve the problems our communities face. The traditional beliefs and values which have served those with a Judeo-Christian perspective for centuries will continue to aid in the renewal  in the renewal of society for future generations.


The Center for Urban Renewal and Education IS a 501(c)3 non-profit think-and-do tank based in Washington, D.C. 

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