CURE believes that the government is a facilitator and servant which exists to protect and enable social resources for binding the wounds of society. The close involvement of government in healthcare, income, social security, and many other issues creates a complicated and politically-infused environment. As a result, the goal is often not the common good, but the furthering of agendas. Repeatedly, great amounts of taxpayer money are poured into a program only to be wasted and even abused while the needy remain neglected. CURE can support funding for anti-poverty programs, but only if the money is spent more thoughtfully and efficiently. Over all, CURE greatly appreciates the vital role of private, non-profit charity as a preferred and more effective social tool than government funding.

Extensive welfare programs currently in place serve only as a short-term solution to poverty, for they smother the poor, enable dependency, and de-incentivize the impoverished from standing on their own two feet. If government funds are necessary to the success of a solution, then localization of control over this spending is essential so that expenditures might be sensitized to the most pressing local needs. This process may include block-granting federal funds to local governments, and it would enable the authority of local officials and citizens over the best uses for the funds.

With regard to the government’s involvement in health care, urgent and comprehensive efforts should be undertaken to strengthen the nation’s security by revising the highly restrictive and overly-structured system. Enabling greater consumer choice and competition among all providers would restore resilience and vitality as well as place more downward pressure on rising costs. The government’s role should be no more than enabling the market to provide the best care at the lowest cost, and therefore the highest quality of life for its citizens.


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